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  • This pic says more than meets the eye. Wait no it does not. It just says what EA intros should say that most of us already know. EA is gay and will continue delivering disappointments for generations to come. I mean only those companies like Nexxon I believe it is called make games like this that are free in nature but to be the best you have to fork out real dough for best items. This model is truly only intended for people with money, aka rich little brats. So they ask their parent for money to get upgrades which shuts the kid up and does not require spending time with the runt. I myself cannot remember the last time I played or bought an EA game, because quite frankly they do not release anything of interest to me.

    Why am I ranting then? Simple. This game "did" appeal to me at one point. Being smart readers as you are I am sure you know when that point was.

    So anyways aside from long delayed Spore, this game made me think for a breif second thay EA was finally coming around a little bit back to reality of what a good game is. Bottom line I and so many of you were wrong. Oh well, guess that is why God allowed for compaines like id software, Blizzard and Valve to thrive. Am I wrong?
    Well I got my Gamerscore to over 1,000 finally. I know its like nothing now but it is something for someone who rarely plays. But since no WoW, what else is there to do? So like now I guess I hit it big and go for 5,000 before cheering again then maybe that is not even much these days who knows. But little key note Halo is easiest GS like ever.

    I guess the funniest thing about it is, that it is not my Xbox 360. I tell you the story real quick.

    I bought a Xbox 360 when I should have not but I had the actual money but not the actual money to spend, if you know what I am saying. Anyways like about little after a month of having it, I of course as you guessed needed money. So I sold it on Craigslist locally and some dude who I did not know at the time bought it. At the time I say cause later through a friend I already knew was friends with this guy. So he ends up staying over for a week and leaving his Xbox 360 here cause he still coming over almost everyday to the pad and I used y old account to play on it and achive this mildly awesome feat.

    Thanks Anders Buddy!!
    To fully utilize my PC I have to run Vista. As much as I dislike for no particular reason other than I just have never truly used it. So that aside after a backup and fresh install of Vista Business, I have to install a few drivers. What else is new. After that I give Aero a spin. I must say it was already done and not that intriguing to me cause I have used Linux and a distribution that could run Beryl. But I am glad that caught on to that idea. Widgets are alright I suppose, never really used them but the sticky one is great. I use sticky s on my comp monitor all the time for things, now I can remove the clutter.

    After A full days use or so I can really tell you if it bugs, me pleases me or what not. But I can already tell I am gonna like the performance cause XP could not utilize a Quad core, 10 gigs of ram computer.

    So check back for an official review of Windows Vista Business.
    One whole week without World of Warcraft. My goodness it feels pretty good too. I get more stuff done and seem o have more fun possibly. I know it sounds crazy being "sober" from a video game, but if you have played WoW you know what I am talking about. Let me tell you I have played Guild Wars before WoW for two whole years and felt lie I was playing an MMO where it hindered me from daily activities or made me want to ignore people and/or just have the urgency to always play that one and only game as if no other games were ever made.

    I will say the last year has not been that bad as it was the first to years but its still WoW. And it still has a little control of you. I guess all of the Blizzard game have a little of that as well as any good game sux you in for a month tops. But not WoW. Like I said I played Guild Wars to the extent of "24/7" as I could. But I never stopped wanting to do anything outside of it just to play it.

    Since then lots of reading up on some Java programming and studying for MCSA and MCSE certs. Benn playing some Xbox 360 which I cannot remember the last time I did cause its been a very long while though. Mass Effect is great!

    Either way if I do play again I am thinking like when the expansion comes out. I doubt any sooner at this point. We will all just have to wait and see.

    My name is Mike and I am a recovering WoW addict!! Lulz.

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