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  • Now while I am still playing World of Warcraft somewhat, I have decided I am gonna play Warhammer this week when it comes out. Half of my friends at least are too. So the experience will be fun.

    My only real trouble at first was what class to play. To decide this when playing with friends always choose last so you can see if you are gonna be the healer or the tank. Cause God only knows no one likes to be a team player in that department. Fortunately tanks are not a problem cause they are way badass in this game. So That means I have to heal. Not that I have a problem with that since my main WoW character since the game came out was a Paladin. Just that when I am finally thinking that I am going to the evil side means I can be a dps, the answer is still NO.WTF. But as I said before this game is badass. That was towards tanks, so obviously that means healers too. The shaman is kinda cool cause of every heal buffs your next damage spell and vice versa. But after testing him out in OPEN Beta I did not like him overall enough like I thought I would. So i went to the next healer. Zealot. That is like what I call a Shadow Preist who can heal. So there lays my descsion. And look I can still dps. Woot!

    So anyways more on this Warhammer stuff as it becomes relevant. Holla!



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