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  • One whole week without World of Warcraft. My goodness it feels pretty good too. I get more stuff done and seem o have more fun possibly. I know it sounds crazy being "sober" from a video game, but if you have played WoW you know what I am talking about. Let me tell you I have played Guild Wars before WoW for two whole years and felt lie I was playing an MMO where it hindered me from daily activities or made me want to ignore people and/or just have the urgency to always play that one and only game as if no other games were ever made.

    I will say the last year has not been that bad as it was the first to years but its still WoW. And it still has a little control of you. I guess all of the Blizzard game have a little of that as well as any good game sux you in for a month tops. But not WoW. Like I said I played Guild Wars to the extent of "24/7" as I could. But I never stopped wanting to do anything outside of it just to play it.

    Since then lots of reading up on some Java programming and studying for MCSA and MCSE certs. Benn playing some Xbox 360 which I cannot remember the last time I did cause its been a very long while though. Mass Effect is great!

    Either way if I do play again I am thinking like when the expansion comes out. I doubt any sooner at this point. We will all just have to wait and see.

    My name is Mike and I am a recovering WoW addict!! Lulz.


    Anonymous said...

    One day I'll quit the beast that is WoW, It's good to hear you're coming off the Warcrack fairly easily.

    Sugarbelly said...

    I've played WoW ever since the stress tests. I've been away from It for about a year. It's great Isn't It? lol The freedom you now have to do what you want when you want and not have to worry about your raiding times or pvp rankings. Sadly, the only reason I'm still not playing Is cause I have a linux laptop that Isn't powerful enough to run It >< Stay off the evil that Is Warcrack!


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