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  • Well I got my Gamerscore to over 1,000 finally. I know its like nothing now but it is something for someone who rarely plays. But since no WoW, what else is there to do? So like now I guess I hit it big and go for 5,000 before cheering again then maybe that is not even much these days who knows. But little key note Halo is easiest GS like ever.

    I guess the funniest thing about it is, that it is not my Xbox 360. I tell you the story real quick.

    I bought a Xbox 360 when I should have not but I had the actual money but not the actual money to spend, if you know what I am saying. Anyways like about little after a month of having it, I of course as you guessed needed money. So I sold it on Craigslist locally and some dude who I did not know at the time bought it. At the time I say cause later through a friend I already knew was friends with this guy. So he ends up staying over for a week and leaving his Xbox 360 here cause he still coming over almost everyday to the pad and I used y old account to play on it and achive this mildly awesome feat.

    Thanks Anders Buddy!!



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