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  • So anyways another day without WoW. That makes like three, lol. So out of boredom with some friends I have picked up Diablo 2 again. Playing over TCP/IP is so fun, and brings me back to the day when that was hot technology we were using to play such an incredible game for its time. Things is though how much do I want to play it when I just reinstalled KOTOR 2 from a friend so I can play that for the first time. I know right, I only played the first one like two or three times. Decisions, decisions.

    Well for now Diablo 2 when my friends are over and KOTOR 2 when I am chilling until I beat it then another single player game to fill my gaming void that WoW has left me.

    Playing Diablo 2 as a Assassin is pretty hard for me since im so used to Sorceress.But my other two friends are Pally and Druid, so they were all like be Assassin for dps. And I am like, "I guess whatever I do not really care". BUT I DO!! Sorceress is so much easier for me. considering that is all I would play back in the day. Guess I will have to get used to it for now.

    On the other hand though in KOTOR 2 I always find it being easier to be good rather than evil, not sure why. Evil just like ruins the game although you have mischievous fun. And unlike Mass Effect were if you say a dark thing it means it. Cause Mass Effect its all like a semi-negative comment after you liked for it to say something worse like, " I am gonna jack you up!". It would say "You want to fight?" or something on the lamer side. But in KOTOR its like you get the reaction you were looking for. Just hard to keep alot of allies when going dark.
    The one thing I loved about the first one was Pazaak. I hear there is a different card game and am eager to play it. Pazaak Online is a game also available for download if you Google it. Brings back those good times in the bar.

    I just need to probably go back and play alot of games I have missed, whether it be from years ago or just the past few.



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