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  • I switched to Sprint about two weeks ago now. Mainly cause i need fast internet on my phone. Sluggish EDGE is not so much but slow usually it is. So skip 3g and hit up Sprint for their EVDO. But guess what, the phone I got is only 3g compatible. The Rumor is a great little phone. Does everything but EVDO and Sprint TV. Wonderful design and slim. n Full QWERTY keyboard too.

    Now I know I gave up switching phones with ease but for someone like me who actually uses that internet alot, its what I needed. Im probably gonna upgrade to a Blackberry 8830 since I am still iffy on the new HTC Touch. I heard some complaints and personally just prefer a real external keypad.

    One thing I must say though is Im surprised I actually pay less with them than I did T-Mobile, and T-Mobile are usually the cheapest ones for plan, data, etc.

    My friend alsi informed today his friendat apple said they are making a iPhone for Sprint. Which from the internet say so cant be done till 2009 when exclusive right is up. But He did seem to say two, as in 2, aslo iPhone2. Ponder on that for a bit.



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