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  • Not a lot has been going on. Just working and playing WOW. Saw A few movies.

    Some WoW News....

    Got my Hunter, Priest, and Druid all up a level. Big whoop right since they are all 26, and the Priest is 27. My Shaman I leveled his engineering up to max at 150 till he is level 20. He leveled about two levels I think as well.
    Mowgar took a back seat until yesterday when I played him and ran Durnholde in the Keepers of Time to get my reputation to Revered. Now I can grab my "Tanking" pants. Gem those bad boys up and keep on getting some more so I can switch back to Protection. Holy is easy and just a way to get in a group and get gear. But not so much on my server, there is actually a lack of Tank more so than Healers. SO I will be respeccing soon.

    Movies I Saw Recently....
    I also saw the "Brave One" last Friday with Jodie Foster in it. Pretty good movie. I give it a 3/5. Defiantly worth a look, especially to see her naked. Ha.

    Also saw Resident Evil 3. Two was better, but this had some cool scenes in it. I think they just wanted to end there current story arc (Which wasn't really anything good) before they work on a new one with RE4. Yes there will be a fourth. Leon Kennedy I am thinking.



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