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  • Dreamcast was the greatest system to ver fail. It fail to an upcoming giant in name, but not the market of gaming itself. Its graphics were worse than tha of the Dreamcast. All grainy and pixelated. Who in their right mind would settle for mediocre games with lame graphics. I would'nt.
    In fact I did not do so. I had me a Dreamcast and shunned the Playstation when it first came out. I still to this day own and play my Dreamcast. It was that great. Tech wise it was superior to the Playstation. Better graphics, Internet play, better memory storage. It out did it in the games department for sure. Aside from Final Fantasy, Playstaion was lacking in the other fields of gaming. Almost 80% of Dreamcast games you would give a chance and say that they were alright at the least. With Playstation came out the most games you would say they were alright at best.

    The people were just sold on SONYs marketing and it lead to the early death of one the greatest console ever. If people were so much into name (although SEGA was name enough as far as I am
    concerned) then all consoles will fade and only Nintendo will obviously always remain. But if people just saw it for what it was/is then it would have had a longer life, and possibly a second.




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