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  • While as much as a hardcore gamer I am, it may come as a shocker to all, but I have never player KOTOR 2! Of course I played the first one, three times. One good, one bad, and one cheating so I could just own everything. It was one of the best games I have ever played. This is what future RPGs should be modeled after. Its action packed with great story and depth. I loved it. Of course in the first I was a avid Pazaak Player. (A awesome single player, and multilayer, Pazaak standalone game can be found here http://purepazaak.freehosting.net/ ) Anyways when I was not playing Pazaak I was roaming the gorgeous area of Tattooine, and other locales.

    So I have finally decided while browsing torrents to give it a shot. I heard mixed reviews on it. Exactly half the people I know say it was not as good as the first one. The other half said it was better. Who I am to believe with such mixed feelings for the game? That tells me that at the very least it is a good game and worth one play. We shall see later today.




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