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  • How can the best team in the NBA lose and be on the verge of being swept by a mediocre team at best. Yah that is right. The Warriors are mediocre at "best" they got a lucky season and tip-toed into the playoffs. Now how on earth could the Mavs be down 3-1 when they are the best team in the NBA? Maybe they are not the best team... ok they are they just are over confident and AJ id over analyzing the "chess match" as they call it on ESPN.

    What the Mavs need to do is hold Davis and the game is slowed down enough that they can be. The Mavs are the Nets who can run and gun, they are a well balanced team that the run and gun seems to be the only way to beat them. Or maybe fast small dudes getting by mid-to-slow defensive players. I dont know.

    I do know one thing is that if the Mavs don't come back and pull this off they wont never win a championship and remain the laughing stock of NBA teams in Texas as far as "champs" go.




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