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  • I switched to Sprint about two weeks ago now. Mainly cause i need fast internet on my phone. Sluggish EDGE is not so much but slow usually it is. So skip 3g and hit up Sprint for their EVDO. But guess what, the phone I got is only 3g compatible. The Rumor is a great little phone. Does everything but EVDO and Sprint TV. Wonderful design and slim. n Full QWERTY keyboard too.

    Now I know I gave up switching phones with ease but for someone like me who actually uses that internet alot, its what I needed. Im probably gonna upgrade to a Blackberry 8830 since I am still iffy on the new HTC Touch. I heard some complaints and personally just prefer a real external keypad.

    One thing I must say though is Im surprised I actually pay less with them than I did T-Mobile, and T-Mobile are usually the cheapest ones for plan, data, etc.

    My friend alsi informed today his friendat apple said they are making a iPhone for Sprint. Which from the internet say so cant be done till 2009 when exclusive right is up. But He did seem to say two, as in 2, aslo iPhone2. Ponder on that for a bit.
    Not a lot has been going on. Just working and playing WOW. Saw A few movies.

    Some WoW News....

    Got my Hunter, Priest, and Druid all up a level. Big whoop right since they are all 26, and the Priest is 27. My Shaman I leveled his engineering up to max at 150 till he is level 20. He leveled about two levels I think as well.
    Mowgar took a back seat until yesterday when I played him and ran Durnholde in the Keepers of Time to get my reputation to Revered. Now I can grab my "Tanking" pants. Gem those bad boys up and keep on getting some more so I can switch back to Protection. Holy is easy and just a way to get in a group and get gear. But not so much on my server, there is actually a lack of Tank more so than Healers. SO I will be respeccing soon.

    Movies I Saw Recently....
    I also saw the "Brave One" last Friday with Jodie Foster in it. Pretty good movie. I give it a 3/5. Defiantly worth a look, especially to see her naked. Ha.

    Also saw Resident Evil 3. Two was better, but this had some cool scenes in it. I think they just wanted to end there current story arc (Which wasn't really anything good) before they work on a new one with RE4. Yes there will be a fourth. Leon Kennedy I am thinking.
    Here is a list of videos you should probably check out if you have not already at Stage 6.

    We start with a classic video of a boy who is stricken with the plague. About a young boy in 1988 and his battle to defeat the most difficult game of all. MIke Tyson PUNCH-OUT!

    No video? Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac

    Here is a list of other Gems of the Week...

    Divx for Mac trailer
    A cool how to make your own "Matrix" effect.
    How Dead Mans Chest Should have ended.
    Self expaliantory.
    Window management with a twist... or an explosion

    Desktop computing technology has evolved considerably since the first graphical user interface was developed by researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center in 1973. Thirty years after the conception of the window and the cursor, developers are now challenging conventional interface paradigms in order to provide users with a whole new generation of visually responsive and aesthetically provocative software technologies. Microsoft's Aero Glass, Apple's Quartz 2D Extreme, and Sun's Project Looking Glass are all poised to transform the way that users interact with computers. Also at the forefront of innovation, the Linux community has some prodigiously impressive new user interface technologies of its own. Beryl, a new open-source window manager for Linux, features compelling visual enhancements like support for transparent windows and elaborate window animations. Based on David Reveman's Compiz window manager, Beryl leverages hardware-accelerated rendering to provide support for unique and innovative graphical functionality.

    On the Linux platform, window management software is generally responsible for controlling the size and position of windows and drawing window borders. Window managers are what allow users to minimize, maximize, close, resize, and move the windows that appear on their desktops. Most desktop environments, like KDE and GNOME, come with a supported window manager that is designed for the environment. KDE, for instance, uses the KWin window manager. When used as a replacement for conventional window managers like KWin or Metacity, Beryl adds a lot of exciting new functionality and amazing 3D effects to standard Linux desktop environments.

    Installing Beryl

    In the past, setting up Beryl or Compiz was a relatively arduous process because users had to manually install complex X11 server replacements like Xgl. Fortunately, the recently released Xorg 7.1 includes integrated AIGLX support and is available in the latest releases of several mainstream Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Fedora.

    To install Beryl on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), users can simply add the official Beryl repository to APT and install the relevant packages. Those of you who aren't using Ubuntu may be able to find installation instructions for your own distribution at the Beryl wiki. The Beryl wiki provides installation instructions for a relatively broad selection of mainstream distributions, but there are some popular distributions that aren't included. If you can't find installation instructions for your distribution on the wiki, you can ask for help in the Beryl forum.

    Keep in mind that Beryl is still experimental, and it won't work properly on all hardware. Additionally, some users may need to install proprietary graphics drivers in order to use Beryl. I have tested Beryl on a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop with embedded Intel graphics hardware and on my desktop computer, an Athlon 64 X2 with two NVIDIA GeForce cards.

    Beryl uses the Emerald window decorator to draw window borders and title bars. Emerald is highly flexible and supports theming. Users can make, install, and configure Emerald themes with the Emerald Theme Manager. To launch the theme manager, click the Beryl icon in the notification area of your panel and select Emerald Theme Manager from the context menu. The Themes tab contains a list of all of the themes currently installed on your computer. To switch to a specific theme, you can simply click its entry in the theme list. The Edit Themes tab provides complete access to all of the settings used to construct the currently active theme. Users can change the images used for the title bar buttons, change the size and color of the window drop shadows, alter the font and layout used by the title bar, and alter the settings used by the decorator theme engine.

    Emerald theme manager

    The Repositories tab provides two buttons that will automatically download and install new themes from the Internet. Additional themes can be found in the Themes section of the Beryl forums, and on the official Beryl themes page at the Beryl web site. Users can also find new Beryl themes at the GNOME-Look.org web site in the recently added Beryl section.

    To import a theme downloaded from the Internet, go to the Themes tab in the Emerald Theme Manager, click the Import button, select a file with the .emerald extension, and then click the Open button. The new theme will be added to the Emerald Theme Manager theme list. The latest version of Beryl, 0.2.0, also supports existing KWin and Metacity themes with the Aquamarine and Heliodor window decorators.
    You ever have one of those days where you just feel like taking a tire iron to the heads of those middle-management morons? You know those types I’m talking about: The bastards who used to be called REMFs – the guys who have never done your job but still know how to do it better than you? Well, today was one of those days.

    Warchest is a four-disk-plus-DVD collection that reaches back to Megadeth’s 1985 debut, Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!. It also includes a huge chunk of b-sides, live stuff, and demos. “This is, by far," Dave Mustaine says, "the best and most comprehensive look at all things Mega if you had to get a crash course in metal.”

    Warchest will be out Oct. 4.

    And, here’re some upcoming shows.

    Sept. 19: Eagles Club; Milwaukee, Wis.
    Sept. 21: Egyptian Room; Indianapolis, Ind.
    Sept. 22: Newport Music Hall; Columbus, Ohio
    Sept. 23: Orbit Room; Grand Rapids, Mich.
    Sept. 25: Town Ballroom; Buffalo, N.Y.
    Sept. 26: Irving Plaza; New York, N.Y.
    Sept. 28: Lupo’s; Providence, R.I.
    Sept. 29: Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, N.H.
    Sept. 30: 9:30 Club; Washington D.C.
    Oct. 1: Toad’s Place; Richmond, Va.
    Oct. 3: Revolution; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
    Oct. 4: House of Blues; Orlando, Fla.
    Oct. 5: House of Blues; Myrtle Beach, S.C.
    Oct. 6: Norva; Norfolk, Va.
    I have been back and forth between Smartphones, and Cool phones all month. And I have to say I have finally found a phone for me. I have T-mobile. And who would have thought I would get a T-mobile branded phone?!

    I got the T-mobile Dash which I must say is one sleek little bugger. It runs WM6 (Windows Mobile Six). Which is a plus cause that means unlike the Blackberry Curve, it has lots of support from developer's for software. I will start off by saying when reading reviews its a toss up one mans opion against another. But in Cnet we trust, cause they are dead on with this phone. Always unbaised, the nail in the coffin with the quick perks and jerks with this phone.

    The good: The T-Mobile Dash has a sleek design with a vibrant color screen and features integrated Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi; push e-mail capabilities; multimedia functions; and a 1.3-megapixel camera. The quadband smart phone also has good call quality and extra long talk time battery life.

    The bad: The T-Mobile Dash's volume touch strip isn't always responsive. The camera interface is also confusing and picture quality is sub par.

    The bottom line: With a sleek design, good performance, and a robust set of productivity and wireless options, the T-Mobile Dash is an all-in-one hit and earns its reputation as a Motorola Q killer.

    The only point they missed or maybe is just me is the phone actually has sub par battery life. My RIZR had amazing battery life (A phone which was also great just needed a full on mini pc per se). But outside that its amazingly fast enough to make the Edge network seem fast. But I stay true and use WI-Fi when I can.

    Overall this is an amazing phone and for only around 150-200, it does not break the bank like some other loaded phones. I can only say that is only a matter of time before this phone receives a sequel.
    Winamp, that staple of media players, will soon turn 10! And its not letting it pass without a bang. On the 10th of October at 10:10am, Winamp 5.5 (PC-only) will be released sporting two new and potentially controversial features: support for mp3 blogs and the ability to stream your music collection over the Internet (a Beta version is available here).

    Cashing in on the growing popularity of mp3 blogs, and the lack of tools to take advantage of them, Winamp’s Media Monitor can be used in conjunction with the software’s built-in browser to access any mp3s linked to on a blog page, presented as a playlist or even downloaded to your library. Winamp also includes handy links to a dozen or so music blogs to get you started.

    Winamp RemoteThe second major new feature is the Winamp Remote. This acts like a local media server, cataloging your tracks and videos and then enabling you to access them from another device, including other PCs running Winamp or via a web browser, various mobile devices, and game consoles (Playstation 3, XBox 360 or Nintendo Wii).

    However, unlike iTunes, sharing isn’t restricted to devices on the local network, and instead you can also share your music over the Internet. To make this relatively simple, Winamp prompts you to send an email (or SMS text message) to a friend to let them access your playlists from their computer (they’ll need to create a free account to verify their identity, but only once). In this regard, Winamp Remote makes iTunes’ network sharing features seem rather puny and inflexible.

    Also new to version 5.5 is the “Bento” skin. This is a move away from Winamp’s traditional multi-windowed interface (the default skin), which can be confusing and cluttered at times. Instead, the new skin only has one window which is more in keeping with other media management software.

    The rest of Winamp performs as you’d expect it. It is still a very good media player; responsive, highly customisable, able to cope with many formats and yet still has a low demand on system resources. It will synchronise with a number of portable media players, including iPods*, making it a potential replacement for iTunes or Windows Media Player. Obviously, its still a beta version so there are some niggles with the program — it locked the interface for the duration of one track, although it had worked fine previously, and there are a couple of error messages when you close the program.

    Winamp continues to evolve, and the new and bold features are a worthy update in which to mark the application’s tenth anniversary.
    A weekly segment on where to get cool stuff to pimp your Linux computer out. This week is everyones favorite. WALLPAPERS! So here is a list of a few good sites to get some amazing eye candy wallpapers from.


    While as much as a hardcore gamer I am, it may come as a shocker to all, but I have never player KOTOR 2! Of course I played the first one, three times. One good, one bad, and one cheating so I could just own everything. It was one of the best games I have ever played. This is what future RPGs should be modeled after. Its action packed with great story and depth. I loved it. Of course in the first I was a avid Pazaak Player. (A awesome single player, and multilayer, Pazaak standalone game can be found here http://purepazaak.freehosting.net/ ) Anyways when I was not playing Pazaak I was roaming the gorgeous area of Tattooine, and other locales.

    So I have finally decided while browsing torrents to give it a shot. I heard mixed reviews on it. Exactly half the people I know say it was not as good as the first one. The other half said it was better. Who I am to believe with such mixed feelings for the game? That tells me that at the very least it is a good game and worth one play. We shall see later today.

    Dreamcast was the greatest system to ver fail. It fail to an upcoming giant in name, but not the market of gaming itself. Its graphics were worse than tha of the Dreamcast. All grainy and pixelated. Who in their right mind would settle for mediocre games with lame graphics. I would'nt.
    In fact I did not do so. I had me a Dreamcast and shunned the Playstation when it first came out. I still to this day own and play my Dreamcast. It was that great. Tech wise it was superior to the Playstation. Better graphics, Internet play, better memory storage. It out did it in the games department for sure. Aside from Final Fantasy, Playstaion was lacking in the other fields of gaming. Almost 80% of Dreamcast games you would give a chance and say that they were alright at the least. With Playstation came out the most games you would say they were alright at best.

    The people were just sold on SONYs marketing and it lead to the early death of one the greatest console ever. If people were so much into name (although SEGA was name enough as far as I am
    concerned) then all consoles will fade and only Nintendo will obviously always remain. But if people just saw it for what it was/is then it would have had a longer life, and possibly a second.

    Here is a worthy movie you classic horror film lovers will appreciate. Poultrygeist! Night of the Living Chickens. A new B-rated horror flick from the Troma Team. The people who made classics such as The Toxic Avenger, and Class Of Nuke 'em High. This film set to be released later this year boast a ton of chickens and a guest a appearance by the king pecker himself, Ron Jeremy. So without further jabbering, here is the trailer for it in high quality Divx format.

    No video? Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac

    How can the best team in the NBA lose and be on the verge of being swept by a mediocre team at best. Yah that is right. The Warriors are mediocre at "best" they got a lucky season and tip-toed into the playoffs. Now how on earth could the Mavs be down 3-1 when they are the best team in the NBA? Maybe they are not the best team... ok they are they just are over confident and AJ id over analyzing the "chess match" as they call it on ESPN.

    What the Mavs need to do is hold Davis and the game is slowed down enough that they can be. The Mavs are the Nets who can run and gun, they are a well balanced team that the run and gun seems to be the only way to beat them. Or maybe fast small dudes getting by mid-to-slow defensive players. I dont know.

    I do know one thing is that if the Mavs don't come back and pull this off they wont never win a championship and remain the laughing stock of NBA teams in Texas as far as "champs" go.

    This time it is about WoW.

    My freaking account runs out on me the day i was gonna hit 70. What more could you ask for when you wake up to login and it says account needs update?! Man this really chaps my caboose. Cause when you ain’t got no money to pay for it and no job at the moment, life seems like shit when you cannot even escape it to the magical land of WoW. Oh what am I to do?

    Guess I can seriously look for a job now and not slack it. That seems best since I have nothing else to do, omfg, lol. I need to like visit one of those WoW AA meetings I think there is something seriously wrong when you choose WoW over food. But no matter I will beback on in a matter of days to continue my glorious ventures through the Outlands.
    Wow, they funny thing is I never even knew this story got big. I always would see "2" stories made prime time in my profile but never knew what the second one was. Till today when I decided to look for it. Crazy times, crazy times.

    Anyways it got more than my previous and only #1 story Dugg. Just over 1500. So I got me a new #1 and will continue to find and submit stories to make it a habit.
    WoW has now decided to something they probably should have done awhile ago, add a Armoy of sorts for character profiles.

    WoW Insider - “What’s the Armory, you wonder? Well, it’s a new part of the official Blizzard site (currently in beta testing) that offers access to character profiles (for characters above level 10), guild profiles, arena team profiles, and arena ladders via the web. The nice thing about Blizzard doing this is that it’s all integrated — no extra software to install, no profiles to keep up to date — Blizzard already has all of the information and has just given us a new way to access it. The only problem: the Armory website doesn’t seem to be online right now. No doubt the cause of millions of players simultaneously trying to hit the site and see how it works.”

    No doubt that is cool. But this is old for those who know about the site Rupture. A WoW social site. It allows you to veiw your current armor, whats in all of your bags, bank, even show PvP stats, Arena stats, and also show what points you put into what talent tree.

    I guess my biggest complaint is that it is still beta, has been for awhile so this will only hurt the invite only social site in the long run. Unless they spread word like wildfire then maybe people will go there to associate and see these stats about them as well as others.

    I can only hope it does not for it was a great founding idea that can now only be ruined by Blizzards tardiness on this matter. If Blizzard had done this earlier maybe Rupture would be on par with in the B-class ranks of social networking.

    Only time will tell what people are gonna do and make what the choice of the future.

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