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  • Show your Ubuntu pride !!
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    Get lost? Do you? Well, yet another bright young designer from the U.K is developing a system that will have tag and name exactly what your staring at. Google Vision is a conceptual product developed by Callum Peden, for the worlds favorite search engine. The product provides the user with a truly unique information hub by combining GPS, OLED technology and advanced image recognition in the form of a retractable screen device.

    The Global Positioning System will see the end of wondering the streets asking for directions and the small roller ball will allow for easy navigation of the flexible screen. Brilliant for identifying landmarks whilst on holidays, Google vision acts as a personal; tour guide.

    As well as this, advanced image recognition will mean Google Vision can target well known landmarks. Then using the increased coverage of wireless internet, provide the user with information on their surroundings wherever they may be.

    Your OS or Distro got you down? Dont know how to use something or think there is something wrong with your Distro cuase you cant figure out the problem? Well there is one way to go about it....

    And then there is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake).

    In the new Dapper Drake 6.06 Release you will rediscover why Linux is what you really wanted in the first place but could not figure out how or why. ( For more info on this new realease go here http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop ) With an updated look and some new features that same great flavor keeps on getting sweeter.

    The "Server" is meant both to install the Linux permanently on a system and to automatically set up a certified LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. It uses an easy-to-use text-based installer.

    The purpose of the Server version is to make Ubuntu more attractive to business customers. "This new functionality is a first step towards the simplification of common server deployment scenarios using Ubuntu" said Fabio Massimo Di Nitto, product manager of Ubuntu Server Edition in a statement.

    Ubuntu's Desktop is meant, above all other things, to be one thing in particular: easy.

    The Ubuntu Desktop gave me the easiest install of any operating system I've ever installed. After burning the CD, I simply popped in my test system, answered a few mindless questions -- such as what time zone was I in -- and inside of ten minutes I had a working and connected to the Internet. That's impressive.

    To do this, instead of the kitchen sink approach that, say, OpenSUSE 10.1 takes to software, Ubuntu only installs a pre-selected set of software by default.

    The Ubuntu software pack includes such popular choices as OpenOffice 2.02, for office work; Firefox 1.503 for Web browsing; GIMP 2.2 for graphics; Evolution 2.6.1 for email; and GAIM 1.5.1 for instant messaging. If you want more, or a different program, you can use the Synaptic Package Manager to get other programs or plug-ins.

    The new Ubuntu also boasts an automatic software update system to keep your system up-to-date without sweating the details.

    Overall the new Server/Enterprise has a way to go, but its a good start. The Desktop though still proves why Ubuntu is #1 on the distrowatch list.

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