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  • Tony Mobily has written a thought-provoking editorial for Free Software Magazine that makes the bold prediction of Red Hat's eventual demise at the hands of Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu. Calling on memories of Red Hat alienating their desktop user base to focus on their corporate customers and making money, Mobily states that many of those alienated desktop users are also system administrators who now feel more comfortable with Ubuntu and will make the choice to use Ubuntu Server over Red Hat now and in the future.

    Ubuntu is this sort of, um..erm...how do you say, Fad? Yes a Fad indeed. Fads come and go. Ubuntu is huge with like 20 different versions. A company (Canonica) with money to back it up. And a Billboard.

    Fact of the matter is, Ubuntu is as overrated as Basic Instict 2. It has a look, one i have seen before. Ah yes, Fedora. Python based as well? Interesting. Gnome. (well I guess there are not to many choices there.) Debain based and updates two times a year. Well see how long that last since Debain took two years. Ubuntu will suelry follow and not lead and branch out into its own based on what it has, as shall we say Mempis?

    While it may have its perks and trendy coming. It will surely die out and have just a average base of people using it in a year or so. This whole "Im gonna take out Redhat" stuff is garbage. Redhat is Linux Redhat is what people pay $10,000+ for to make sure there server is secure. not the "and we dont charge extra for 'Enterprise Edtion' eiter". Well that is cuase you can not guarntee what Redhat can, thuis make you moted already in the race to take out Redhat so early in your young career.

    A billboard will only get you so far in this day and age when even a Google Ad is ignored, a Billboard may still be standing in your way to force you to look, but that just fuels the fire of dislike of it in the first place



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