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  • It was 8:20 and almost time for bed. I was watching tv and eating some popcorn. Dad and Mary , step-mom, where downstairs. Just when i decided to get up and go hit the hey, that is when the younger unrealated sibling at the kitchen table do some homework looks up and says"You need to change the lint in the dryer, cuase I ain't doing it. You were the last one to use it." I look up and over at her. I squeeze my popcorn bag and say, " if you dont want to do it just say 'Hey Dan I dont wanna to do it can you?' and not be lazy about it". I get up and head to change the len. She gets up and heads downstairs. I go to throw away my bag of popcorn when coming out of the kitchen there was Mary. 'Oh, Shit' I thought. "What the hell you doing telling Holly (younger sibling) she's lazy Dan?" she said as her raged built up. "Man, i ain't got time for this shit, i'm going to bed." i replied as i headed down the hall. She quickly went back downstairs and yelled at dad to comeup here. Shit again. I have no time for this bullshit. I just wanna go to sleep. As soon as Novemeber 14th comes im out of here anyways. Why does this bitch always have to start something with me involving dad? Just then he comes rushing in the room. "What is this hear going on with Holly, being lazy?" . So I preceeded to tell him only to be cut off by Mary. Then when trying to start agian i was cut of by dad. God damn it!! Does anyone really give a fuck about this that much? "You have no right to be calling anyone lazy in here? You hear me?!" he said in a angry tone. "Yah. Now can I get to bed?" " No. We are not finished." he said.
    While we talk Mary keeps trying to butt in. I keep telling the bitch to shut the fuck up, it is not her conversation. Finally after a few minutes of this dad gets pissed and says " You need to sop talking to her like that." I said "Well she needs to be quiest when I am talking to you then." He was furious. As I was going to say some more on the subject, he lunge his right at me. Hitting me in the head a couple times. Me on probation already back "home" in California did not really care to fight. But as I saw thee was no end to this. I went Hulk on his ass and dilled him a few before grappling him like Cris Benoit would an oppen until he submitted. During that Mary left quickly after she saw I had the advantage to go and call the police. Kunt, I thought to myself quickly after ooting dad on the whole time until I became the one with control. While holding him in a full nelson ready to snp him in two I told him, "You may have brought me into this world but i will fucking take you out asshole. You got me!?" Just as I let him go, Mary comes into the room with he phone saying the police want to talk to me. So I take the phone. "Hello?"
    "Dan? You alright? I am just here to make sure." she said in a sutle yet unintenionaly sexy voice. "Yah, I am fine." was my reply. We continued our conversation about what had happened and what not until the Uniforms showed up. We were seperated. Told our stories. Since it was a domestic dispute that involved violence, someone had to go to jail for the night. Of course as you guessed it was me.
    Son of a bitch, I had better not get another charge for this bullshit, I said to myself. So I spent the night in a holding tank since the jail was pretty full. Being a small hick town, Jefferson City, it was no surprise. The dude that came in and was my celliefor the night had just got ino a fight. Of course he kept trying to tell me he sliped as if i did not know the way things worked or something. So I told him he could cut the cap with me. "I know you go your ass whooped by some Mexican or Nigger. I just wanted to know why?" So he told me. I forget because at the point i really did not care anymore. Not to say that I really ever did I guess. So after he gets done rambling, I turn over and hit the hay. I could not sleep hardly all night. Finaly when I did it was breakfast time. I passed on the crap. Went back to sleep. Later another dude came in. He was a black dude got aressed for some "bullshit" im sure, so he says. HE was able to sneak some smokes in though. Newports of course. I was in no position to complain when offered one. So we all smoked one to the head and waited the day to decide our fates.
    A Little later a guard comes in and hands me some papers. Two things, more jail time or FREEDOM!! IT was niether. It was a restriaing order against me from my dad. "What the hell is this?" I asked conufused why "I" was getting this crap. He explained it. I still did not get it. He was the one that started the hole thing, and in the end I get this?! After that I was more worried about spending more time in jail. Just wanted 9:00 o come quick with no word form court then I could go. After another cigeratte, and some more chatter, the guard came back in. For the black dude. Whew, I thought. Just three more hours.
    Of course 9:00 cam around and I was released. Yes! Oh, wait now I am homless. Son of a Bitch. It is almost winter here and it is night time. This is goning to be a long night. I find myself the closet bench, yet not to close to the station. I put my hands in my sweater. Use the sleeves as a pillow and go to sleep. Sweet Deams buddy.



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