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  • WTF?! You ask? Simple. Why use Microsoft, when you can live freely in an "open" enviorment. Microsoft is like Prison. Can only use this, and not that. Micosoft tells you when o update. Blocks things it need not. Explorer....I need say nothing about that. Sure some of these things can be fixed. But why take your Ford to the shop all the time, when if you had bought a Corvette, you would be sailing smooth without worries.

    I meqan sure its a "differnet" platform. But in all actually its pretty much the same, just open. It like if you could do whatever you wanted to, to Windows when you encountered something you did not like and share it with the rest of the world. I mean there are still a few things you "need" Windows for. But they have created programs to use in Linux that can run an emulation of Windows so you could use that particular windows program.

    WTF is Ubuntu in te title if we are talking Linux? Simple. Again. Ubuntu us a "Distribution" of Linux. A Distribution is a version of Linux that a group of people create to better suite there needs and possibly yours, thus they allow for free distribion to everyone or anyone who perfers that version over another.

    What about Gaming? Simple. Agian. Are you begging to like Linux? Most games created for Linux are gameplay 1st, and graphics 2nd. For example. BZFlag is not the greatest looking game ever. But the gameplay keeps that game going strong, and continues to draw new crowds al the time. So you wont see to much Next-gen lookikng games. Unless you use a program like Wine ( http://winehq.com ) to run PC games like WoW, Guild Wars, Quake, Doom, CS, etc....

    So in short (cuase i could go on), Linux is the platform for people who prefer choice without limits.



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