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  • They are calling it quits after Rob and Mike Hussey can not see fit for them both to continue with thier current scheldules. Rob is going to go back to school and get his Bachleors in Communications and Mike is gonna start a new band.

    From the Horse's Mouth:
    I regret to inform you all that Bloodshot has finally come to its senses and called it a day. Mike and I being true brothers in blood with our sacks always to the wind, had some serious differences in opinion. Mike, Dever, and Latino will be forming a new band with our buddy Primo on bass. I'm sure it will be quite a bit heavier than classic 'Shot. Dever will be handling guitars. I'm going to be starting school in September to get my Bachelors degree in electronics communications. Mike wanted to play more shows and I pretty much was only willing to commit to one show a month. I'm going to be busy with school and work and I really was kind of burnt anyway so I told Mike if he wanted to play shows every weekend he should start a new band. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the PHLD project as it unfolds. TODAY IS THE DAY MOTHERFUCKER LIGHTS OUT WE'RE THROUGH!!!

    It is sad, but they will alwyas be loved for their hard work and dedication to music, metal, and their fans. Maybe even one day in the near future we can see a reunion. But dont get your hopes up.




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