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  • Yeah thats right I found me an old copy of the great Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. Man do I remeber when it first came out. I played the demo at Comp USA, when they used to have like 6 comps with 50 demos of PC games on them. It was sweet. Anyways I decided to cap some of the first level to give you a glimpse back down Jedi Lane.

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    Just got a new template for my blog. Thanks to the dudes at 5thirtyone ( http://5thirtyone.com/ ). And yes you can really pull the "Pull" tag. I know a lot of people have things like that but you cannot do squat with it.

    Added Digg and Facebook links to website as well. If they do not appear it is because I am still adjusting them.

    Last but not least more post, I plan to keep it real this time and update constantly with something to keep you coming back. So bookmark me and I will see you later Dude.

    Via Gamasutra, an interview in USA Today with Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime confirms that the Wii's online component will be free to play. The outspoken Nintendo advocate says "We will offer online-enabled games that the consumers will not have to pay a subscription fee for. They'll be able to enjoy that right out of the box. The Wii console is going to be Wi-Fi enabled, so essentially, you'll be able to plug it in and go. It won't have hidden fees or costs."
    With the Wii launch hiding somewhere in the next 3 months, we can't help but to brim with excitement while thinking about what we'll be playing on Wii-day (which is our favorite term for the day the Wii launches). If your worried about the Wii suffering from the lackluster launch day the DS did, you can put all those fears to rest.
    We went back to count just how many games had been confirmed for the Wii so far, and were wonderfully surprised to find 27 confirmed launch titles coming to the Wii. Can you say 'biggest game console launch in history'? This isn't a little collection of obscure third-party games nor two-thirds of sports titles either, we're talking a list with some serious big-hitters. Metroid Prime 3, Zelda, and Red Steel top a list of widely diverse and interesting titles.

    Some quick comparisons. The Xbox 360 launched last year with 18 games in the US, although only a handfull were exclusive, and 11 of them were sports games. The Wii counters with it's games spanning numerous genres (maybe even inventing some new ones) and over 20 exclusive titles. The PS3 is currently sitting at 15 confirmed games on it's November 17th launch day. Of course, this is expected to increase in the next few months. That said, the current Wii launch list (which you can see below) is far from final, and we wouldn't say it's a stretch to expect to see at least 30 games on launch day. If that doesn't get you excited about the Wii, you have no soul.

    Title Publisher
    Avatar: The Last Airbender THQ
    Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Ubisoft
    Blitz: The League Midway
    Call of Duty 3 Activision
    Cars THQ
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Atari
    Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Square Enix
    Elebits Konami
    Excite Truck Nintendo
    Far Cry Ubisoft
    GT Pro Series Ubisoft
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Square Enix
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Nintendo
    Madden NFL 07 EA
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Activision
    Metal Slug Anthology SNK
    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Nintendo
    Monster 4x4 World Circuit Ubisoft
    Need for Speed: Carbon EA
    Open Season Ubisoft
    Rayman Raving Rabbids Ubisoft
    Red Steel Ubisoft
    SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab THQ
    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Sega
    Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Activision
    Trauma Center: Second Opinion Atlus
    Wii Sports Nintendo

    One last note of interest. Worried about that post-launch drought? Well, if we don't see 'em at launch, remember Super Mario Galaxy, WarioWare, Fire Emblem, Prince of Persia, Sonic, and of course Super Smash Bros. Brawl aren't very far behind.
    Show your Ubuntu pride !!
    FREE strip of four 'powered by Ubuntu' stickers

    Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

    System76, Inc. (Free Sticker)
    875 S. Colorado Blvd. #765
    Denver, Colorado 80246
    E-mail Thursday, 20 July 2006


    Get lost? Do you? Well, yet another bright young designer from the U.K is developing a system that will have tag and name exactly what your staring at. Google Vision is a conceptual product developed by Callum Peden, for the worlds favorite search engine. The product provides the user with a truly unique information hub by combining GPS, OLED technology and advanced image recognition in the form of a retractable screen device.

    The Global Positioning System will see the end of wondering the streets asking for directions and the small roller ball will allow for easy navigation of the flexible screen. Brilliant for identifying landmarks whilst on holidays, Google vision acts as a personal; tour guide.

    As well as this, advanced image recognition will mean Google Vision can target well known landmarks. Then using the increased coverage of wireless internet, provide the user with information on their surroundings wherever they may be.

    Your OS or Distro got you down? Dont know how to use something or think there is something wrong with your Distro cuase you cant figure out the problem? Well there is one way to go about it....

    And then there is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake).

    In the new Dapper Drake 6.06 Release you will rediscover why Linux is what you really wanted in the first place but could not figure out how or why. ( For more info on this new realease go here http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop ) With an updated look and some new features that same great flavor keeps on getting sweeter.

    The "Server" is meant both to install the Linux permanently on a system and to automatically set up a certified LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. It uses an easy-to-use text-based installer.

    The purpose of the Server version is to make Ubuntu more attractive to business customers. "This new functionality is a first step towards the simplification of common server deployment scenarios using Ubuntu" said Fabio Massimo Di Nitto, product manager of Ubuntu Server Edition in a statement.

    Ubuntu's Desktop is meant, above all other things, to be one thing in particular: easy.

    The Ubuntu Desktop gave me the easiest install of any operating system I've ever installed. After burning the CD, I simply popped in my test system, answered a few mindless questions -- such as what time zone was I in -- and inside of ten minutes I had a working and connected to the Internet. That's impressive.

    To do this, instead of the kitchen sink approach that, say, OpenSUSE 10.1 takes to software, Ubuntu only installs a pre-selected set of software by default.

    The Ubuntu software pack includes such popular choices as OpenOffice 2.02, for office work; Firefox 1.503 for Web browsing; GIMP 2.2 for graphics; Evolution 2.6.1 for email; and GAIM 1.5.1 for instant messaging. If you want more, or a different program, you can use the Synaptic Package Manager to get other programs or plug-ins.

    The new Ubuntu also boasts an automatic software update system to keep your system up-to-date without sweating the details.

    Overall the new Server/Enterprise has a way to go, but its a good start. The Desktop though still proves why Ubuntu is #1 on the distrowatch list.
    Tony Mobily has written a thought-provoking editorial for Free Software Magazine that makes the bold prediction of Red Hat's eventual demise at the hands of Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu. Calling on memories of Red Hat alienating their desktop user base to focus on their corporate customers and making money, Mobily states that many of those alienated desktop users are also system administrators who now feel more comfortable with Ubuntu and will make the choice to use Ubuntu Server over Red Hat now and in the future.

    Ubuntu is this sort of, um..erm...how do you say, Fad? Yes a Fad indeed. Fads come and go. Ubuntu is huge with like 20 different versions. A company (Canonica) with money to back it up. And a Billboard.

    Fact of the matter is, Ubuntu is as overrated as Basic Instict 2. It has a look, one i have seen before. Ah yes, Fedora. Python based as well? Interesting. Gnome. (well I guess there are not to many choices there.) Debain based and updates two times a year. Well see how long that last since Debain took two years. Ubuntu will suelry follow and not lead and branch out into its own based on what it has, as shall we say Mempis?

    While it may have its perks and trendy coming. It will surely die out and have just a average base of people using it in a year or so. This whole "Im gonna take out Redhat" stuff is garbage. Redhat is Linux Redhat is what people pay $10,000+ for to make sure there server is secure. not the "and we dont charge extra for 'Enterprise Edtion' eiter". Well that is cuase you can not guarntee what Redhat can, thuis make you moted already in the race to take out Redhat so early in your young career.

    A billboard will only get you so far in this day and age when even a Google Ad is ignored, a Billboard may still be standing in your way to force you to look, but that just fuels the fire of dislike of it in the first place

    another day. another search engine. seems like one pops up everyday trying to bank in on what Google has acheived. Billions. That is right. while most you would think are trying to rival its search capability, they are really just trying to create advertising space so they can make some money. Few actually try to rival Google in its hope to provide great and reliable search engine. Krugle is one. While Google has some extra specific search features (you can check out by cliking "more.." on the hompage), Krugle is for developers. Letting you search millions of pages of code for your projects or research. Similar sites have been around (i.e., Koders.com) but the type of search and support you gt form Krugle is second to none. With also having a Tech search you kind find all kinds of techincal info as well as code. With forums for your qquestions and quick response times Krugle is leading the way to being the leder in Tech/Code search. So with compitetion for the number one code search is still up for grabs in a early stage of this kinda search engine, Krugle has my vote for sure.

    What the Press is Saying...

    Demo Gods Awards announced
    ...when Demo's head honcho, Chris Shipley, announced the so-called Demo God awards at Wednesday night's closing dinner, enterprise dominated. more»
    c|net logo

    Programmers Get Their Own Search Engine
    Developers can use Google and other search engines to find source code, but it's not easy. A Silicon Valley startup claims to have come up with a better alternative ˜ a search engine for source code and code-related information. more»
    PC Magazine logo

    Programmers get their own search engine
    "The implications of the open-source movement are dramatic and can't be understated," noted Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conference. "Everyone agrees that open source is the wave of the future, and Krugle is riding that wave by helping programmers find the code they need to do their job." more»
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    This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo saw many a headline generated by games that had their first trailers unveiled at the event, such as Halo 3 and Call of Duty 3. Others came from titles whose mere existence was revealed, such as Grand Theft Auto IV. Still more came from the hundreds of games that were playable at the Los Angeles Convention Center, such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii, Warhawk for the PlayStation 3, and Too Human for the Xbox 360.

    But for all the games that make appearances at E3, a notable number of titles are newsworthy by virtue of not being at the event. Each year sees a series of highly anticipated titles skip the event, and their absences often speak volumes. Here are a few of the major games GameSpot editors were expecting and/or hoping to see at E3 2006--but didn't.
    Killzone 2 a no-show

    The PlayStation 3 Killzone sequel: In 2005, the trailer for Sony-owned Dutch developer Guerrilla Games was the talk of the show. Its jaw-dropping graphics became the subject of controversy for being too good, causing many to whisper that they were prerendered. Sony steadfastly denied the accusations, and many E3 2005 attendees were confident that by the time the 2006 expo rolled around, subsequent Killzone 2 footage and/or demos would settle the kerfuffle surrounding the game.

    Just one problem: There haven't been any. A year has come and gone, and Sony has kept a shroud of secrecy wrapped tight around the Killzone sequel. It wasn't included in Sony's pre-expo press briefing, it wasn't at any of the 62 PS3 demo stations on the E3 show floor, and it wasn't shown behind closed doors to the press. "I couldn't even get the guy from Guerrilla to say the words 'Killzone 2,'" said one editor.

    First-party GameCube and Game Boy Advance games: Though a few third-party publishers had games for the console (Over the Hedge at Activision) and the portable (Atlus' lineup), Nintendo didn't have any demo stations for either platform at its massive booth. That meant that titles such as the new Pokémon Dungeon for the GBA, Super Paper Mario, and, yes, even the GameCube version of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which caused nerd stampedes the year prior, were nowhere to be found.

    In their stead, Nintendo decided to show off its DS and Wii lineup exclusively. However, some E3 attendees noticed that demos for the latter platform were running off of dev kits that included modified GameCubes, which created some confusion.

    Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4: Capcom's two most anticipated next-generation games were not present at E3 in any form. The absence of even a frame of footage was particularly glaring, given that trailers for the two games had been shown at Microsoft's X05 event last October and at E3 2005 one year ago.

    Half-Life 2: Episode One: Remember when Half-Life 2 was the biggest thing at E3? Times have changed: Even though the episodic expansion is just two weeks away from digital distribution, developer Valve Software decided to skip E3 in any official capacity, though CEO Gabe Newell was seen wandering the show floor outside the Nintendo booth.

    Gran Turismo 4 Mobile: Though there were nearly a dozen PS3 demo stations for recently remonikered Gran Turismo HD, the first portable racer from Polyphony Digital was garaged out of sight.

    Dragon Age: Role-playing game fans were hoping that BioWare might show off its forthcoming all-original high-fantasy RPG. However, the Canadian developer's focus this year was on Jade Empire for the PC and Mass Effect for the Xbox 360.

    Culdcept Saga: On May 1, Namco Bandai made much of the fact that the newest entry into its popular Magic-meets-Monopoly game franchise would be coming to the Xbox 360. However, the first next-gen installment in the series, which has previously appeared on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation, and Dreamcast, couldn't be located at E3 less than a week later.

    Starcraft: Ghost: Though it was "indefinitely delayed" on current-gen consoles, many expected Blizzard Entertainment to reveal that the long-in-the-works title would be taking a Perfect Dark Zero-esque roundabout route to next-gen consoles. Guess again--the game completely, further fueling speculation that it has been scrapped in any shape, way, and form.

    Rockstar's Untitled Western Shooter for the PS3: When footage from the unnamed third-person six-shooter was included as part of the initial PS3 montage at E3 2006, many expected that a Red Dead Revolver 2 announcement wouldn't be far off. Twelve months later, though, nothing has been heard about the game, and the information well remained bone-dry at E3.

    Bully: Though Rockstar eagerly showed off its Xbox 360 Table Tennis game to the press, its controversy-courting high school beat-'em-up called in sick. The game had been announced during E3 2006, but has since come under fire for its depiction of high school brutality, which game-industry gadflies have said could incite real-life violence.

    Fallout 3: Months prior to the show, Bethesda Softworks said that the third installment of the storied postapocalyptic RPG series would not be on hand at E3. However, that didn't stop the developer-publisher from teasing attendees with a poster, as it did in 2005. This year's one-sheet showed the series' emblematic "Pip Boy" (called "Action Boy" by some, after the perk in the game) superimposed over a faded poster of a happy, 1950s-esque soon-to-be-postnuclear family. "Prepare for the future," read the tagline at the top, further raising expectations of a sequel that crosses the Interplay Fallout games' sly wit and bleak setting with the top-end graphics and free-roaming setting of Bethesda's current bestseller, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
    Sounds of birds chirping and traffic moving. No sunlight yet, but you know its morning. You awake from the bench you decided to call a bed for the night. I dust myself off and start walking for the nearest public restroom cause you have to piss like a race horse. You walk down a block to the gas station. As you walk in and head for the bathroom, the clerk gives you a dirty stare. “Up his ass with Mobile gas”, I think to myself and proceed to the restroom. As I Open the barn door and let the mongoose out to do his thing, I notice the guy next to me trying to peep over. I give him the look like, “Yah that’s right.” He turns quickly and rushes out the restroom without even washing his hands. Homo. Anyways I clean myself up a little and look in the mirror. Boy you really let yourself go now. Got to steal a razor today and that should take care of that problem. The clerk stares me down again as I walk out the station. So I flip him the bird on my way to tell him how much I appreciate his letting me use his restroom. He yells some vulgar words of which none I can understand for they were in another language. Not that I really cared either. I stop at the crosswalk, light up my last cigarette and think, “Today is going to be a good day.”.

    The agenda for they day was unclear. In fact the agenda is always unclear. The hell with agendas, I live life by the seat of my pants. The only thing that was for certain everyday, was that something was going to be stolen. Walking down a park path on my way to Wally World, I noticed another dude down by the river bathing. Ugh. You figured he would have done that last night when no one could see him. As I continue walking I start to think, “is everything going to be this way forever?”. I hope not, but I probably could care less since I am not trying to do anything about it at the moment. Almost to Wally World when I notice a liquor bottle beside the curb half full. Crown Royal, not bad. So I chug it down real quick as if in a hurry not be caught. I am in fucking Missouri for Christ sake, like these hillbillies give a damn. Oh well to late to complain about enjoying it now cause it was gone. Ahh, Wally World. Pace where everything is low priced and senior citizen’s run the show. Ha. I crack myself up sometimes. As I walk in I am greeted by what seems to be 90 year old cripple. Obviously he is about 60 something and just to lazy to stand up all day I figure. So I walk down the main aisle till I it the snack section. See a couple of Homerun Pies. Apple is my favorite. About three seconds later I am already on my way o the grooming supply area. Man I am good. Not that I try to be, but when you got to do what you got to do, you just do it. On my way back to the front I see the razor section and make my towards it. I see the new five blade they got. There is also a four blade. Damn to many blades for me. So I just get the good old Mach 3 Turbo, it works for me. On my way out I grab a Dew and start to pound it down when I notice someone staring me down from behind. I turn and look and nothing. Hmm, I got to get some money this stealing shit sucks.

    The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are back baby! Their new album, Stadium Aradium, a two disc complitaion of all new material.

    This is a fresh breath of air and a tad bit of old school mixed into one. Form Funky tunes like Charlie and Hump de Bump. To Soft tunes as Strip my Mind and Stadium Arcadium. There is all sorts of variet, but it all flows seemlessly together.

    Whether you think they "Jumped the Shark" or just are a more mature and evolved band, fans from all eras of RHCPs will enjoy this album.

    WTF?! You ask? Simple. Why use Microsoft, when you can live freely in an "open" enviorment. Microsoft is like Prison. Can only use this, and not that. Micosoft tells you when o update. Blocks things it need not. Explorer....I need say nothing about that. Sure some of these things can be fixed. But why take your Ford to the shop all the time, when if you had bought a Corvette, you would be sailing smooth without worries.

    I meqan sure its a "differnet" platform. But in all actually its pretty much the same, just open. It like if you could do whatever you wanted to, to Windows when you encountered something you did not like and share it with the rest of the world. I mean there are still a few things you "need" Windows for. But they have created programs to use in Linux that can run an emulation of Windows so you could use that particular windows program.

    WTF is Ubuntu in te title if we are talking Linux? Simple. Again. Ubuntu us a "Distribution" of Linux. A Distribution is a version of Linux that a group of people create to better suite there needs and possibly yours, thus they allow for free distribion to everyone or anyone who perfers that version over another.

    What about Gaming? Simple. Agian. Are you begging to like Linux? Most games created for Linux are gameplay 1st, and graphics 2nd. For example. BZFlag is not the greatest looking game ever. But the gameplay keeps that game going strong, and continues to draw new crowds al the time. So you wont see to much Next-gen lookikng games. Unless you use a program like Wine ( http://winehq.com ) to run PC games like WoW, Guild Wars, Quake, Doom, CS, etc....

    So in short (cuase i could go on), Linux is the platform for people who prefer choice without limits.
    Besides good 'ol PVP, located at pvponlie.com, there a few good or great ones i should say by some lesser know artist.

    Life and Death

    Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place

    A recent strip:

    A Fairly Twisted Reality

    Updated Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Pop Culture, Racism, sexism, murder, pedofilia, and more!
    Recent Strip:
    They are calling it quits after Rob and Mike Hussey can not see fit for them both to continue with thier current scheldules. Rob is going to go back to school and get his Bachleors in Communications and Mike is gonna start a new band.

    From the Horse's Mouth:
    I regret to inform you all that Bloodshot has finally come to its senses and called it a day. Mike and I being true brothers in blood with our sacks always to the wind, had some serious differences in opinion. Mike, Dever, and Latino will be forming a new band with our buddy Primo on bass. I'm sure it will be quite a bit heavier than classic 'Shot. Dever will be handling guitars. I'm going to be starting school in September to get my Bachelors degree in electronics communications. Mike wanted to play more shows and I pretty much was only willing to commit to one show a month. I'm going to be busy with school and work and I really was kind of burnt anyway so I told Mike if he wanted to play shows every weekend he should start a new band. I'll keep you posted on the progress of the PHLD project as it unfolds. TODAY IS THE DAY MOTHERFUCKER LIGHTS OUT WE'RE THROUGH!!!

    It is sad, but they will alwyas be loved for their hard work and dedication to music, metal, and their fans. Maybe even one day in the near future we can see a reunion. But dont get your hopes up.

    Not much to say today. Got a new layout for my blog. Cool huh? Yah well I dont really care if you like it. Was just asking to be nice. Not that your opion really mattered. :)
    It was 8:20 and almost time for bed. I was watching tv and eating some popcorn. Dad and Mary , step-mom, where downstairs. Just when i decided to get up and go hit the hey, that is when the younger unrealated sibling at the kitchen table do some homework looks up and says"You need to change the lint in the dryer, cuase I ain't doing it. You were the last one to use it." I look up and over at her. I squeeze my popcorn bag and say, " if you dont want to do it just say 'Hey Dan I dont wanna to do it can you?' and not be lazy about it". I get up and head to change the len. She gets up and heads downstairs. I go to throw away my bag of popcorn when coming out of the kitchen there was Mary. 'Oh, Shit' I thought. "What the hell you doing telling Holly (younger sibling) she's lazy Dan?" she said as her raged built up. "Man, i ain't got time for this shit, i'm going to bed." i replied as i headed down the hall. She quickly went back downstairs and yelled at dad to comeup here. Shit again. I have no time for this bullshit. I just wanna go to sleep. As soon as Novemeber 14th comes im out of here anyways. Why does this bitch always have to start something with me involving dad? Just then he comes rushing in the room. "What is this hear going on with Holly, being lazy?" . So I preceeded to tell him only to be cut off by Mary. Then when trying to start agian i was cut of by dad. God damn it!! Does anyone really give a fuck about this that much? "You have no right to be calling anyone lazy in here? You hear me?!" he said in a angry tone. "Yah. Now can I get to bed?" " No. We are not finished." he said.
    While we talk Mary keeps trying to butt in. I keep telling the bitch to shut the fuck up, it is not her conversation. Finally after a few minutes of this dad gets pissed and says " You need to sop talking to her like that." I said "Well she needs to be quiest when I am talking to you then." He was furious. As I was going to say some more on the subject, he lunge his right at me. Hitting me in the head a couple times. Me on probation already back "home" in California did not really care to fight. But as I saw thee was no end to this. I went Hulk on his ass and dilled him a few before grappling him like Cris Benoit would an oppen until he submitted. During that Mary left quickly after she saw I had the advantage to go and call the police. Kunt, I thought to myself quickly after ooting dad on the whole time until I became the one with control. While holding him in a full nelson ready to snp him in two I told him, "You may have brought me into this world but i will fucking take you out asshole. You got me!?" Just as I let him go, Mary comes into the room with he phone saying the police want to talk to me. So I take the phone. "Hello?"
    "Dan? You alright? I am just here to make sure." she said in a sutle yet unintenionaly sexy voice. "Yah, I am fine." was my reply. We continued our conversation about what had happened and what not until the Uniforms showed up. We were seperated. Told our stories. Since it was a domestic dispute that involved violence, someone had to go to jail for the night. Of course as you guessed it was me.
    Son of a bitch, I had better not get another charge for this bullshit, I said to myself. So I spent the night in a holding tank since the jail was pretty full. Being a small hick town, Jefferson City, it was no surprise. The dude that came in and was my celliefor the night had just got ino a fight. Of course he kept trying to tell me he sliped as if i did not know the way things worked or something. So I told him he could cut the cap with me. "I know you go your ass whooped by some Mexican or Nigger. I just wanted to know why?" So he told me. I forget because at the point i really did not care anymore. Not to say that I really ever did I guess. So after he gets done rambling, I turn over and hit the hay. I could not sleep hardly all night. Finaly when I did it was breakfast time. I passed on the crap. Went back to sleep. Later another dude came in. He was a black dude got aressed for some "bullshit" im sure, so he says. HE was able to sneak some smokes in though. Newports of course. I was in no position to complain when offered one. So we all smoked one to the head and waited the day to decide our fates.
    A Little later a guard comes in and hands me some papers. Two things, more jail time or FREEDOM!! IT was niether. It was a restriaing order against me from my dad. "What the hell is this?" I asked conufused why "I" was getting this crap. He explained it. I still did not get it. He was the one that started the hole thing, and in the end I get this?! After that I was more worried about spending more time in jail. Just wanted 9:00 o come quick with no word form court then I could go. After another cigeratte, and some more chatter, the guard came back in. For the black dude. Whew, I thought. Just three more hours.
    Of course 9:00 cam around and I was released. Yes! Oh, wait now I am homless. Son of a Bitch. It is almost winter here and it is night time. This is goning to be a long night. I find myself the closet bench, yet not to close to the station. I put my hands in my sweater. Use the sleeves as a pillow and go to sleep. Sweet Deams buddy.
    Adventures of Hobo Dan.

    Loosely based off homeless people i knew. And some of my own personal stories of "Urban" living.I will be posting the first chapter soon. Possible a comic, just for kicks. So Keep an eye out for it.

    AIC Playing US Club Dates

    As reported today in Rolling Stone, Alice In Chains is set to kick off a US tour on May 18. While we can't yet share too many details about this tour, we can tell you that all the venues will be clubs, which will give fans an intimate AIC experience. We can also tell you that every city the band plays in has its own major league baseball team.

    - AIC.com

    This is fucking sweet. I live in San Diego and we have a baseball team so there is a chance they will be playing here and that would kick ass. I'm glad they are back together. Hopefully they will make another album to while they are at it.
    I have not kept regualr with any Blog to update everyone on wht the hell im doing. So i have decided to start so by making amends to everyone who reads my blog. second i probably dont really care, but cuase im such a nice dude, i will take that part back about not caring. I care. even if i dont always show it. So welcome back, and welcome all you n00bs.

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